He Picked Up the Phone!

I called his Washington DC office to talk to a staffer about a concern I had about an issue dealing with military families. I had called his office because he was on The Armed Services Committee in Congress.

I had a 10 minute emotional statement about the issue and I finished my statement by asking the staffer to make sure “Sonny” got my concern. I was shocked when he said,”this is Sonny. I like to take calls on the weekends”. He said he had a very good Retired Colonel working for him and he would have the Colonel investigate the issue and call me back after he has information on it.

The Colonel called me back in a few days and he said he had requested Congressional Library to research the issue and he told me what they had to say on the issue.

I was honored to talk to him and was very impressed how he listened to me for at least 10 minutes – maybe longer.

Jimmy Hardenbrook

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