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Thank you for taking the time to visit the G.V. “Sonny”  Montgomery Foundation website!

Throughout Sonny’s life, he wore many hats and titles with a focus on service to his beloved State of Mississippi and the United States of America.   As a student at Mississippi State University, he was a leader and voice for his fellow students as president of the student body.  As a soldier, he cared for the personnel under his command and worked hard to support them.  As an elected representative, first as a state senator and then as U.S. Congressman, he served wide-ranging constituencies with great distinction.

The Board of Directors of the G. V. “Sonny” Montgomery Foundation created this website as a tribute to Sonny and his enduring legacy. His advocacy for America’s Veterans and work in support of a strong national defense live on through programs and policies that are benefiting present and future generations of Americans.  His ability to get things done for the folks back home was legendary.   We hope you will share your memories of him in the special section below. Perhaps he helped you or a family member with a military service issue, Social Security or VA case or perhaps your paths crossed in some other way.  We would be honored to hear your recollections and comments.  Please feel free to add photos you may have taken with Sonny over the years.  Be sure to provide names, location and dates.

Because of Sonny’s reputation for providing unsurpassed constituent service, we have also provided links here to various government services.  Sonny would be proud to know that even today, his constituents and friends can continue to count on him for help by coming to SonnyMontgomery.org.

Thank you again and we hope you will join our effort to continue Sonny’s incredible legacy of leadership and service.

Bradley J. Crawford
Executive Director & President
G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery Foundation