Sonny As A Next Door Neighbor

I was born and raised in Meridian living on Country Club Drive with one of the fairways of the Northwood Country Club behind our house.

I don’t remember or having been told when Sonny purchased the duplex next door to us. He kept one of the apartments for himself when he was back in town from Washington DC. He often would come over to say hello to my parents. This was especially the case following the death of my oldest sister in January 1970.

He even sponsored me as the Primary Candidate to the USAF Academy in 1973 even though I was not ultimately selected. Later, while I was on active duty with the Air Force my father passed in 1986 . . . I was told that it was from the personal efforts of my father’s employer and Sonny who made the arrangements to have my Dad buried in the VA Veterans Cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Richard Blanton

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